The Girl on the Train

Title: The Girl on the Train
Author: Paula Hawkins
Publisher: Doubleday
Publication Year: 2015
Genre: Mystery | Thriller
Rating: 2

Now look. Now look what you made me do.

What I was expecting going into this novel was a fast-paced psychological thriller but what I actually got were the jealous ramblings of a drunk woman and the obsession with being someone deemed worthy, but they can only be defined by their relationship. Paige also read The Girl on the Train and while she devoured and loved this novel (review here), I didn’t find it half as spectacular as it promised to be.

The opening pages were incredible. I was hooked on page one and two and then the plot (and the drinking) started and my motivation slowly started to dwindle. There were good points to this book, such as her black spots. The idea of her blacking out and forgetting things were reminiscent of Before I Go to Sleep – a book that I adored – and it really created a sense of mystery that I couldn’t get enough of. But that was the only good thing about her drinking problem. For the rest of her time her constant consumption of alcohol was repetitive and frustrating.

Except for when it proved functional! Like showing the differences between the characters. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that I’m not a fan in changing POV’s but in situations like this it was seriously damaging for my opinion on the book. There were chapters where I couldn’t differentiate between chapters until Rachel started drinking. Not to mention the fact that there were time-skips between chapters that made the entire seriously more confusing!

I guess this entire novel would have been better if I hadn’t guessed the murderer halfway through the novel, as well. When it came to the big reveal towards the end, some people may have found it thrilling but I just couldn’t wait for it to move on to them getting taken away because I’d already figured it out so many chapters earlier! Maybe I read too many books, but this was so predictable.

This should have been a good book. The characters were dark with so many mysteries intertwined in their past and were perfect for any thriller with their psychological problems. But it was ruined for me by the things I listed above. But please be aware that this was my personal opinion. Many of you could love this like Paige did.

You should definitely let us know which one of us  you agree with~


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