About Us

There is never a place, where we have felt truly more at home, than within the pages of a good book. The printed word offers a whole other world to the boring one that meets the naked eye. Behind the darkness of the ink there is magic and wonder; there is fantasy and romance and all of the things that are missing from everyday life.

Books aren’t just objects, they’re gateways to other worlds, and we’re determined to make our way through every squeaky, wooden gate one book at a time.

So this is the part where we tell you a bit about ourselves, because I bet you’re all dying to know! Well… Maybe not. But anyway, I’m Ellie! I’m a university student studying Languages with International Business in the UK and when I’m not reading I’m usually scuba diving or stretching my way to the splits! I will get there! I also enjoy watching things on Netflix (it’s a bad habit) or attempting to complete yet another PS3 game that I have lying around the house.

And I’m Paige! I’m also at university in the UK, studying Creative and Professional Writing. Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near as adventurous or interesting as Ellie (I’m so jealous of her – I mean scuba diving?! Wow!), I do share the love of reading though. I’m pretty sure Ellie gets through way more books than me even though she’s always got something interesting going on. I have a short attention span though and often get distracted by something. Of course, this means my room is filled with piles of books that need reading! I’m a bit of a hermit (maybe that comes with doing the university course I’m doing?) I’m always cooped up in the house writing or reading and when I’m not doing that I’m either watching Netflix, making something on my sewing machine or I’m on Pinterest creating story boards.


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