Shout out Sunday

Have you seen these photos? Have you seen them! They’re beautiful! And they should definitely make you want to follow this gorgeous account~

Ziba.reads is an absolutely beautiful bookstagram/travel instagram and it’s always a pleasure when one of her photos pops up on our feed. She may not have a book blog or a review section to her instagram but her photos are just the greatest. One of the best things about bookstagram is stumbling across pretty blogs like this one!


Shout out Sunday

Our #shoutoutsunday this week goes to the well deserved @eveningreads. We highly recommend that you all go to follow her on her instagram and on her wordpress blog – the username is the same for both accounts. The pictures she takes on her instagram for her reviews are so beautiful and creative, I could spend hours looking at her account. Her book reviews are obviously great, I wouldn’t be able to keep count of the amount of books I’ve added to my wishlist on amazon after reading her reviews.

And with that, I’ll leave you all to go and look her up on instagram and her blog on wordpress!

Shout out Sunday

This week, for #shoutoutsunday we’d like to give a big shout out to fabulous @newleafwriter. It’s hard not to notice her account with all the beautiful photos she posts, her dedication is overwhelming! We’d also like to congratulate her on landing herself as a rep for Appraising Pages – you definitely deserve it! Anyway, we’d definitely recommend that you all go and find her on instagram and goodreads.

Shoutout Sunday

And as the week draws towards an end, it brings us to Shoutout Sunday. This week we would like to give a big shoutout to Weereader, she posts very creative pictures and writes some great reviews which you can find on her instagram @weereader and on good reads under the same username. We definitely suggest you go check her out!