Top 5 Crime Novels

First can I apologise for our weird activity last week, it was a busy week for us but we’re back and ready to roll. This week we decided to pick our top five Crime novels because I don’t know about Ellie but its one of my favourite genres.

  1. ‘I let you go’ by Clare Mackintosh -Honestly I can never stop singing praises for Clare Mackintosh’s books. I adored I Let You Go and I See You was just as good! Both were packed with thriller vibes and I loved their plots. Both of her current novels are fantastic standalones and it’s no surprise that they’re my first thought when I think of my favourite crime novels.
  2. Clive Cussler novels – Cussler has been my guilty pleasure for as long as I can remember. It’s definitely not the sort of thing that people would expect me to read but I can’t get enough of the Oregon crew series and the others are quite good too!
  3. ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn – How could this not make it to the list? I mean this book was all kinds of messed up (in a good way) but I didn’t suspect any of it which what makes it such a great crime novel.
  4. Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen – Basically any one of the books from her Rizzoli and Isles series. They’re great and it’s got to be one of my favourite crime series, Tess Gerritsen is such a great writer. There’s actually a tv series called ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ based from her books.
  5. Bones series by Kathy Reichs  – Once again this isn’t a specific book but her whole series based around Temperance Brennan and once again there is also a tv show called ‘Bones’ based around these books. If you haven’t heard of them or you’ve watched the show but haven’t read the books I’d definitely recommend you do so!

I See You

Title: I See You
Author: Clare Mackintosh
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Year: 2016
Genre: Thriller | Mystery | Crime
Rating: 5

It doesn’t matter how fast. Because there’s always someone who can run faster.

I just had to pre-order this one when I heard that Mackintosh was releasing her second book and I am so so glad that I did. I admit that I was on the I Let You Go train and I can understand why it was the crime novel of the year last year but, personally, I think that I See You was even better. I admit that when I first heard about it I was a tad worried that the second book wouldn’t live up to the first but I actually found this book really good. If you were thinking the same thing, then you have nothing to worry about! Panic over!

It’s probably a good idea to start by saying that I’m not a commuter. However this did nothing to impact my reaction to the novel. In fact I ended up putting it down one night in fear of triggering bad dreams. I See You was definitely creepy and at 1am I didn’t think it was a good idea to keep going. Having said that I devoured the rest of it the next morning and the only reason it’s taken me this long to write the review is because I don’t know just how to sing the praises for this one without giving away too much of the plot! 

Although it mainly focuses on commuters I can promise you that even if you’re not a commuter you will still get a chill from this. I See You is also about daily routine. It’s about that trip to the shop you take every morning to get the paper or the route where you walk the dog, you know the one – along the river and through the park. It’s about the times where you’re alone. When you’re oblivious. That’s when they’ll come for you. It doesn’t matter to them who you are, what your ethnicity is or even your age. All that matter is your routine. And that you’re alone.

This book was brilliant, perhaps my favourite crime novel of all time. Zoe is such an ordinary character, making her story that more relatable. She’s no one special; she could be anyone that you pass on the street or sit next to on the sub. She could be anyone. She could be you. Then there’s Kelly, who is a bit too independent and brash but can also hold her own when it comes to it. With a hard past that leaves her dragged down by an invisible weight, she’s yet another great character and really adds a little extra to the story.

Altogether I really enjoyed this one. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good crime novel and I know that Paige is going to delve into it soon. Seriously Mackintosh’s writing performs at a high-standard yet again, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Top 5 Summer Reads

Most of the criteria for the perfect summer read differs from person to person. Some people prefer action, while others prefer a bit of summer loving. But together Paige and I managed to narrow it down to a couple of simple points: 1. It has to be memorable – in the sense that you can put the book down, to go to a family meal or to a swim and be able to pick it straight back up again without forgetting where you’d were. We also think that it should be 2. engaging. No one wants a summer book that they get bored of after the first chapter. They want something that will draw them in and keep them entertained while enjoying the calm of their holiday. With this in mine, we drew up this list. But of course this is our personal opinion and we’re probably missing so many golden choices. So, please tell us, what’s on your list?

  1. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – I can’t yell loud enough that everyone should give Me Before You a read. It’s just such an amazing novel and I adored every second of it. With a beautiful romance tale and some amazing adventures, it’s the perfect pool side read!
  2. I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh – For those of you that want a little more thrill to your summer holidays, what’s better than a little crime and mystery? I Let You Go brings all of that and more. It’s such a good read with a couple of twists to keep you guessing (or completely side-blind you as the case may be). Either way it’s definitely something that will keep you hooked all Summer! Or for the two days that you spend religiously reading just to get to the end. Don’t look at me like that. 
  3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han – This is an either you love it or you hate it one. I know some people that adore the sweet story that’s promised within the pages, and then there’s some people thought it was over-the-top and hated the main character. It’s a complete toss up but if you like a bit of accidental confessing to your crushes (both of present and the past) and the chaos that ensues after that then give this a go!
  4. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie – Of course we needed to add a classic to the mix, and what better than one of the best crime/mystery novelists books? I honestly can’t express my love enough for Agatha Christie and her amazing mystery novels. This is a book that will keep you on your toes and have you kicking yourself when if you can’t work out whodunnit.
  5. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks – This book was the first Nicholas Sparks novel I read and I’ve not read another one since. Safe Haven was the perfect mix of romance and a little bit of a darker mystery hidden behind it all. Unlike his other books this has an underlying more serious tone. There was a lot more suspense and I think that just kept me hooked way more than any other Sparks novel could.

I Let You Go

Author: Clare Mackintosh
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Year: 2014
Genre: Mystery | Romance | Thriller | Crime

Rating: 5

I never thought I would run away. I never thought I would need to.”

What was this? Seriously! Because this should not have been a debut novel. It’s so rare that I find a book that really captivates me as much as this one did, and I doubt any of them were an author’s first attempt. But Clare Mackintosh has done it. I Let You Go, astounded in every way possible. I don’t usually like cliché phrases, but I Let You Go was like a roller-coaster, always spiralling into a new twist. No- In fact it was more like the Yorkshire country roads where I grew up; it is a winding tale that will take you on an adventure, throwing twists at you when you least expect it. And there’s no way of predicting them.

I was already a huge fan of crime thrillers before I stumbled across this, but I Let You Go has just left me craving for more amazing fiction that I don’t think I’ll be able to find. The first chapter hit me hard, would hit anyone hard really, and after that I was caught up in the book and was unable to put it down for more than an hour in my need to find out what happened. Clare Mackintosh has truly created something extraordinary here, one that I think any crime lover will adore.

Not only has she managed to create extraordinary characters, with exceptional attention to personalities and motives, but she’s also managed to maintain their individualities across three different view points. Normally having multiple view points alternating between chapters (and ranging from third, to first person) would be slow and uninteresting. Usually it would completely jolt the reader from the book with each switch, but it didn’t feel like that here. Mackintosh manages to write, and successfully write, both the first and third person with a flowing grace. It’s enchanting. It’s probably one of the reason that the books works as well as it does. The writing is designed to lead you astray because, most of the time, the protagonists know even less than the reader.

It was a gripping book that I couldn’t bear to let go of and I was truly sad to turn the last page and end it (especially given the ending!). However I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something addictive. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.