Best of the week

It feels weird doing best of the week on a Thursday, but better a day late than not at all I guess.

This week has been rather boring for me as I’ve not been up to much. Though I did go to the cinemas to watch Nerve and oh my gosh it was amazing. I mean, mainly because Dave Franco was in it but the actual plot and film was awesome too! I would definitely watch it again and I’d recommend it to you all.

Gosh I’m so jealous of Paige. I really want to watch Nerve! It looks amazing! But instead I splashed out some money (a heck of a lot of money) and bought myself a PS4! I know. I really shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help myself. I desperately wanted to play Uncharted and I got a huge paycheck at work so I just couldn’t help myself. Anyway my big thing is Uncharted 4 is such a great game! I got it for free in my bundle with the PS4 (which is great as it was the only game I wanted really) but it is such a long game! I’ve been playing it for like 4 hours now and I’ve just got to chapter 3 (about a third into the game). I have a feeling this one will keep me entertained for a good few hours more and I’m loving it!


Best Of The Week

Best of the week once again, I’m normally complaining about the week going by so quickly but I’m actually happy about it because it means the day me and Ellie meet up is coming quicker!

I’ve actually just come back from the cinemas, so for my best of the week I’m going to pick a film. I went to watch ‘the shallows’ which is about this girl who gets stranded on a rock in the ocean with a shark circling her in the sea. It’s so good, and it was really tense so I was literally on the edge of me seat throughout the film. It also has the lovely Blake Lively in it which is also a good reason to go see it.

Only a week to go! I’m so excited!! This week I just recently got back into Please Like Me and season 2 was brilliant and it made me so happy! I’ve just started season 3 and while it’s not as good it’s still quite good! I don’t think it’ll ever be as good as Looking (that show is crazy and amazing and I love it) but it’s a nice thing to fill the break with ūüėä

Best of the Week – 18/07/16

So I was freaking out earlier because I remembered last week I said I was going to do a film for my best of the week this week and I couldn’t remember what film I picked for the life of me. However, I finally remembered thank God!

My choice is the film 1408, it’s not a new film but I watched it for the first time last week and it was so good! It’s adapted from the Stephen King novel so that’ll probably give you a small hint of the type of film it is. I would like to tell you all to be careful before watching it though because there are a lot of triggers in the film. It’s really good though, so if you think you could manage with a psychological thriller with triggers in it I’d definitely say give it a watch, or better yet read the book.

My week has literally been nothing but work so I had a lot of trouble choosing my Best of the week but then I remembered these tasty pots packed with scrummy goodness! These¬†Muller yogurts are coconut flavoured with chocolate flakes and they are the best for snacking on in the middle of a work shift! Not to mention they have chocolate in but are still considered a¬†light option so I don’t feel any qualms with snacking on these every day! And at only ¬£2.50 for a 4-pack I’m happy and content.

Best This Week – 03/02/16

Me and Ellie were just discussing how we can’t believe how fast this year is going already! A blink of an eye and it’s already time for best of the week. It just seems like last week when we were choosing our last favourites and now we’re back on this page again. Honestly I have no idea what to say! But we’ve made our choices.

This week I’ve chosen a film for my best of the week. I’m really excited about it, which is a bit weird as the film isn’t new it’s actually quite old but I watched it for the first time ever this week and I loved it! It’s called ‘Life is Beautiful’ and it’s about a small family who become victims of the Holocaust. It’s not as depressing as it sound, don’t get me wrong it is sad but the main character (the father) brings humour to the film too. The first half of the film involves humour and romance as it shows how the dad and the mother get together. The second half of the film follows the family as they are taken to a¬†concentration camp, the father tries protect his young son by telling him it is a game. I could go on forever about this but I don’t want to spoil it for you guys so if you haven’t watched it yet I definitely recommend you go and watch it. You can buy it for a reasonable price here.

I think I’ve decided on the worst best of the week and honestly you could probably just use any old water bottle but I’ve fallen in love with the Jack Wills’ water bottle that my mum got me for Christmas. I couldn’t find the exact one because it came in an exclusive Christmas bundle with a bunch of other things, but the Cleveland bottle on this list is probably the closest. Like I said, any bottle would probably do but just having a nice, sturdy water bottle has persuaded me to drink so much water and my skin is so much healthier because of it!