Best of the week

It feels weird doing best of the week on a Thursday, but better a day late than not at all I guess.

This week has been rather boring for me as I’ve not been up to much. Though I did go to the cinemas to watch Nerve and oh my gosh it was amazing. I mean, mainly because Dave Franco was in it but the actual plot and film was awesome too! I would definitely watch it again and I’d recommend it to you all.

Gosh I’m so jealous of Paige. I really want to watch Nerve! It looks amazing! But instead I splashed out some money (a heck of a lot of money) and bought myself a PS4! I know. I really shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help myself. I desperately wanted to play Uncharted and I got a huge paycheck at work so I just couldn’t help myself. Anyway my big thing is Uncharted 4 is such a great game! I got it for free in my bundle with the PS4 (which is great as it was the only game I wanted really) but it is such a long game! I’ve been playing it for like 4 hours now and I’ve just got to chapter 3 (about a third into the game). I have a feeling this one will keep me entertained for a good few hours more and I’m loving it!


Best of the Week – 15/08/16

So it’s day two of mine (the last day unfortunately) and Ellie’s meetup and it has been awesome! Six years and we’ve finally met – it’s definitely been worth the wait. It’s given us some good options for our best of the week though as we’ve been up to different things.

For my best of the week I’ve picked a theme park called ‘Lightwater Valley’ which Ellie took us to today. I’m a big fan of theme parks already but this one was so fun (the company made it though). Even though I was dragged on several rides I didn’t want to go on, I managed to have a great time!

And Paige loved every second of it! I promise you all that (despite all of the screaming and ‘oh my goding). We had a great time. My best of the week will have to be Wetherspoons cocktails because nothing beats a Blue Lagoon! We drank way too much tonight and had an awesome time. However I’m super sad but that’s because Paige is going home tomorrow and I’m really sad to be losing the friend I’ve only just met. Bring on October when we get to meet again!

Best Of The Week

Best of the week once again, I’m normally complaining about the week going by so quickly but I’m actually happy about it because it means the day me and Ellie meet up is coming quicker!

I’ve actually just come back from the cinemas, so for my best of the week I’m going to pick a film. I went to watch ‘the shallows’ which is about this girl who gets stranded on a rock in the ocean with a shark circling her in the sea. It’s so good, and it was really tense so I was literally on the edge of me seat throughout the film. It also has the lovely Blake Lively in it which is also a good reason to go see it.

Only a week to go! I’m so excited!! This week I just recently got back into Please Like Me and season 2 was brilliant and it made me so happy! I’ve just started season 3 and while it’s not as good it’s still quite good! I don’t think it’ll ever be as good as Looking (that show is crazy and amazing and I love it) but it’s a nice thing to fill the break with ūüėä

Best of the Week – 01/08/2016

It’s crazy to think that the holidays are¬†almost over!¬†It feels like I only just started two weeks ago but now time is almost up! On a plus I still get to see Paige before I have to go back and I’ve got comic con to look forwards to so there’s that!! There’s also a lot more books for me to read in the time before we have to go back and I can’t wait to see what they bring.

When I was thinking about my best of the week, I instantly thought of an app I’ve started using recently. It’s called Zombie, Run and it’s so much fun! It’s basically an app that encourages running through creating a plot line while you run and, at the end of each run, you can use the supplies that you’ve collected to build up your base. I really love it and it’s so motivational for me! I’m definitely going to be in shape by the time I get back to uni after lazing around all summer!

My best of the week is a little vague, as I’m picking a website. Most of you may have heard of it before, it’s – this site is sort of like a online market. There are loads of different shops/sellers that sell mostly handmade items, but there’s loads of different things you can buy. I love using this site when buying gifts for friends or family, there’s so many different options and different types of things you can buy.

Best of the Week -25/07/16

This has been such a nice quiet week and because of that I’ve been able to read so much!!! But I feel like it’s a cheat doing a book as my best of the week when I’m writing all of my reviews for them so this week I had to have a think and come up with something special.

Which brought me to this. I have absolutely no idea why it has taken me so long but recently I stumbled across Halsey and I have absolutely fallen in love with her album¬†Badlands. It’s so good! I honestly can’t believe I haven’t stumbled across this before because it’s amazing. It’s all thanks to my friend that I managed to hear it and I am so entirely grateful now. He’s definitely¬†getting a big thanks off me! I can’t stop listening to Hurricane.

I’ve probably already mentioned this but I find best of the week so difficult! It’s hard to pinpoint one thing I’ve really enjoyed for the week, and when I finally think of something, I forget what it was by the time Wednesday comes around. I’m going to pick something different this week. I struggle to sleep, it takes me hours to drop off. I’ve tried listening to music but the type of soft soothing songs I listen to end up distracting me or depressing me. Though, recently I’ve started listening to a jazz playlist on spotify (it’s called Late Night Jazz). I’ve literally never even thought about listening to jazz before but I was surprised to find out that I love it. It’s perfect for trying to sleep or relax, and most of the time on the playlist I listen to their are no lyrics to distract or depress me!

Best of the Week – 18/07/16

So I was freaking out earlier because I remembered last week I said I was going to do a film for my best of the week this week and I couldn’t remember what film I picked for the life of me. However, I finally remembered thank God!

My choice is the film 1408, it’s not a new film but I watched it for the first time last week and it was so good! It’s adapted from the Stephen King novel so that’ll probably give you a small hint of the type of film it is. I would like to tell you all to be careful before watching it though because there are a lot of triggers in the film. It’s really good though, so if you think you could manage with a psychological thriller with triggers in it I’d definitely say give it a watch, or better yet read the book.

My week has literally been nothing but work so I had a lot of trouble choosing my Best of the week but then I remembered these tasty pots packed with scrummy goodness! These¬†Muller yogurts are coconut flavoured with chocolate flakes and they are the best for snacking on in the middle of a work shift! Not to mention they have chocolate in but are still considered a¬†light option so I don’t feel any qualms with snacking on these every day! And at only ¬£2.50 for a 4-pack I’m happy and content.

Best of The Week – 11/07/2016

I feel like crying because time is just flying by, I mean, it’s Wednesday already!! On the plus side that means it’s Best of The Week (and it’s getting closer to the day me and Ellie finally meet up).

You don’t realise how hard it was to not pick another film for my best of the week, I’ve decided against doing so as the past two weeks I picked films/programmes. I figured I should probably mix it up a little, but I’m going to do it next week instead. Anyway, I finally decided to pick a place to eat as my best of the week. I don’t know if any of you have gone to Bella Italia but I love it there. It’s a little expensive, but the pizza is soooo good!

Whereas I’m going to choose something that literally¬†everyone is talking about. Have you guessed what it is? If not, why not?! Pokemon Go is obviously my best thing this week. I’m addicted to his quirky little app, as is most of the population apparently as it rapidly reaches the same level of usage as¬†the Twitter app! I can’t get enough of this game. I finally get to be a pokemon master like I always dreamed of when I was a kid!!